Social Media Coaching

Two young women in a coach session sitting on a cafe and looking at the screen of a computer.

Wondering how to grow your social media presence, take your business to the next level using social media strategies and choose the right channel to best reach your ideal clients? You’ve come to the right place!

I offer 1:1 social media coaching sessions. 

Finding the right social media training can be quite a challenge! With so many online courses available, it’s hard to know which ones work and, more importantly, which ones are up to date. 

Social media changes quickly and it can be hard to keep up!

This is why I offer social media coaching sessions. During these sessions, you’ll get personal advice and tailored strategies to grow your social media presence. Whether you prefer Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, I’ve got your back: I’ll help you figure out where your ideal clients are and how best to connect with them.

What others say:

When I started looking into social media many years ago and was thinking about how I could use the channels for my small business, I didn’t want to rely on friends and family. A professional was needed! So, Julia gave me excellent advice and support. She still does that today and I am very grateful to her for that.

Kirsten Rachowiak / freelance editor

Social Media Coaching Packages

Our social media coaching package includes a free audit of your current social media channels.

1:1 Social Media Coaching for Small BIZ Owners

Want to grow your online presence? If you have your online business up and running but want to scale it – I got your back!

Tell me your business goals and we’ll work out the best social media strategies to help boost your biz. Together, let’s utilize social media to reach your ideal clients and overall business goals!

1:1 Social Media Coaching for Aspiring Digital Nomads

On social media, you CAN make money! Either as an influencer on Instagram, with a YouTube channel or by running a Facebook group – monetising is possible!


1) I show you how you can make money from your social media platforms

2) and how to create your online presence to use it for future online gigs/biz ops


After this first coaching session, I will create a plan to help you build your social media presence and use it as a (additional) income source. 


Usually, my clients book more than one coaching session – we can map out a plan for your individual case.

>>>If you are an aspiring digital nomad or have started your journey but want to learn about additional ways to make money online, book a session with me now!<<<

Not sure if this is for you?

Make use of my 15-minute discovery call – during this call, we both can check if coaching is for you and if I can truly help you reach your goals!

I also offer…

1:1 Digital Nomad Coaching Session

Wondering how to get started as a digital nomad? I’ve been traveling and working on the road for almost a decade! Opt for my 1:1 Digital Nomad Coaching Session to get advice on how you can work remotely and travel the world in the most sustainable way. 

If you’re moving as a family, we’re prepped with all the necessary tips and tricks and we can’t wait to share them with you! 

Find out more about our digital nomad coaching options.