Digital Nomad Coaching

After 9 years of living the digital nomad lifestyle, it’s fair to say that we have gathered quite some knowledge and experience in this location independent way of living. When we first started our travel life in 2011, we had no idea where to start and how to make money online though. From backpacking jobs to regular positions in our old careers, we tried it all to make ends meet while travelling the world.

Yet, we always had a feeling that we can accomplish real personal freedom only when we are working for ourselves and according to our own conditions. That’s why we designed our work life around our travel life – not the other way round.

As your digital nomad coach, I help you reach the same goal. Even as a family, this lifestyle is possible!

Here is what a normal day in the life of our digital nomad travel life looks like:

  • Before the kids wake up, I wake up to meditate
  • In the mornings, after breakfast, we share the tasks of taking care of the kids, one day it’s me and one day it’s Claudio playing with them while the other one gets time to work on their projects.
  • Lunchtime is family time 
  • During nap time, we both work or go for a run, swim or do yoga
  • In the afternoon, we swap and the one who worked in the morning watches the kids now
  • If we are really busy, we both work for a few hours in the evening
  • No day looks the same, we don’t care about weekdays, if we want, we take a day off on a Monday or sometimes we work eight hours on a Sunday – it’s all up to us!

Digital Nomad Coaching Packages

Do you want to know how to design your lifestyle the way we do it? Are you wondering how to make money online? Or do you need help with your current online job or online business to free more time for your real passion in life or to simply spend more quality time with your family?

Let’s work on this together! I enjoy helping aspiring and seasoned digital nomads to reach their goals.

Get in touch and we talk about what it is you need to do in order to achieve your freedom lifestyle.

Discovery Call

Not sure if a digital nomad coaching session is the way to go for you? No problem! During this FREE 20-minute consultation, we can both check how and if I can help you. After that, we design a plan and make sure, everything you need to resolve will be addressed in our future digital nomad coaching calls.

1:1 Digital Nomad Coaching Session

You can ask me anything you’ve ever wanted to know about how to become a digital nomad. Even if you are planning to have a family in the future, this lifestyle is possible. I show you how to start making money online, where to pay taxes, what options you have when it comes to choosing your online career and much more!

I also offer…

1:1 Social Media Coaching Session

Over more than ten years I have been working in the field of communications including social media marketing. You can pick my brain when you are feeling stuck with how to shape your online presence using social media marketing strategies or if you want to get more online presence via social media.

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