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About Julia Jerg

Julia Jerg working on a hammock

Hi! My name is Julia Jerg and I’m the founder of Jey Jetter, a family travel and digital nomad blog for (aspiring) nomads and families. I’ve been working and traveling around the world full-time since 2011. I’m a digital nomad mom, social media coach and I’ve always loved exploring new cultures. Traveling has not only allowed me to expand my mind, but it has had an inspiring impact on my kids too, greatly broadening theirs.

With the wealth of experience I’ve accumulated as a result of copious years on the road, I get joy from inspiring and helping others to achieve their dream lifestyles too. And where better to share my experiences, findings and learnings than within this nifty blog? 

I’m the head writer here at Jey Jetter and I hold the magic power when it comes to buying those one-way tickets. Alongside blogging and playing mum, I’m a social media coach who provides tailored strategies to help grow your social media presence. I also wrote an eBook, Kickin’ It On Social Media; learn more about my social media marketing book here.

About Our Nomad Family

I travel the world with my partner and our two kids, and we share our stories here at Jey Jetter. You’ll find inspiring digital nomad content, tips, tricks, resources and more that will help optimize your digital nomad life, whether you’re a family, couple or solo traveler.

Claudio Delgado

Youg man working on his laptop in a coworking space

Claudio is my partner and he’s also the good-looking guy (mostly) behind the scenes. Generally curious and humorous, he’s the one in charge of our site’s amazing photos, coding and technical stuff.

Meet our sons

It became very fast very clear that we won’t stop our nomadic lifestyle after having kids. At three months of age, we took Vincent, our eldest son, to Italy on a road trip. It was then that we looked at each other saying that traveling with kids is possible! Vincent was born in 2017 and has been to Italy, (Fuerteventura) Spain, England, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Portugal, 2x Thailand and (La Palma) Spain since.

Niklas was born in 2019 on La Palma, one of the Canary Islands of Spain. Even with his young age, you can tell that he adjusts easily to new situations and loves interacting with other people. We took him to Germany and to Thailand where we are stuck by choice due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

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