Welcome to Jey Jetter Travel Blog!

I am thrilled to have you browse my page! Hopefully, you’ll find some interesting facts about long term travel, jaw opening photos of my digital nomad lifestyle and thoughtful phrases that inspire you to become a traveller yourself. Because this is what I want. This blog is all about showing you how travelling can turn into a lifestyle.

Today I consider myself a “Digital Nomad” – and I am only one of MANY fellow travellers who decided one day to quit their jobs and turn into a full-time traveller. How, you’re asking? There are infinite ways to do it! You chose your way and your own style, of course. All I can do here on my page is to show you mine and how I do it! And after four years of travelling and working around the world, there are quite a few learnings I can share.

So, dive in and follow me on my travels, brainstorm with me about life in general and hopefully find your passion in discovering this beautiful place called earth!! Happy travels to y’all 😀